It's as easy as 1..2..3..


1. Have a Community & a Cause.

     You have a community and a fundraising cause.


2.Spread the Word!

     We have a turnkey fundraising solution that is fun, entertaining, and bolsters      your community values. You help get the word out and we put on a fantastic        show! We require no upfront costs for our services, only 50/50 split of the          seat proceeds.

3.Get Paid

     Fund collection and payment process is transparent at all times.



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What is FUNraising?


You are probably thinking....I know what FUNDraising is, but what is FUNraising?


  • Do you have something that you need to raise money for? New AC unit, Books, Computers, Missions trips, relief funds, field trips, after school/care programs, supplies, Sound Equipment, Transportation Vehicles?

  • Tired of Car Washes that leave you with a bad sun burn!?        Bake Sales that have you “eating” into your profit! Carnivals that require too many volunteers, torn up lawns, and parking lots.


  • The Red Suit Experience has set a goal to raise $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars) and you don’t have to wash a single car or bake a single cookie!


FUNraising is a simple way to generate the money you need to build a new baseball field or replenish the soup kitchens pantry without having to ask for donations.


The Red Suit Experience has created a program that monetizes your database of Patrons to reach your financial goals with little, to no out of pocket cost to you. Our team will provide you with all the materials you need to produce a fun filled, fully customizable series of events to encourage community and awareness for your cause. These events are a production of side splitting, thought provoking, entertaining variety shows that are customized to your school/churches individual needs.


We have done this at many Churches & Schools in FL and now AZ we throw an awesome show and everytime 50% of ticket sales goes to you. We handle the show and the materials. You just have to help us reach your audience.


We provide you with all the marketing materials to put on a fundraising event. We plan and execute the event for you Provide you a plan of when to send out the Event details and fundraising materials.All you have to do is hit send on those dates, we take care of everything else. You will also be provided a Custom webpage for online/pre-sale tickets.


One of our team members will be with you every step of the way, so you don't have to stress.

More about How it Works!


Red Suit Experience Marketing has created the FUNraising AZ program to help raise One Million Dollars for good organizations.


  • We work together to put on an event tailored to your community values. Our turnkey solution includes entertainment (stage show, magic, comedy or other). All you need to do is get people to show up – which we help you with.

  • FunRaisingAZ provides you with all of the customized promotional materials and a plan for when to send them out to your members. Our system is designed to get the word out in a welcome way – we take a no spam approach.  

  • Proceeds from ticket sales are split between your organization (or your charity of choice) and FunRaisingAZ. Any money you raise from sponsorships remains solely yours. Any money FunRaisingAZ raises from sponsorships belongs to FunRaisingAZ.

  • All proceeds will be collected by FUNraisingAZ. 10 business days after the event, the funds will be split and remitted to your organization and FunRaisingAZ.

  • FunRaisingAZ will specially design landing page for your organization and your event on our site. This is where community members may purchase tickets for the event. Your organization may take orders for tickets in person, but in order to complete those orders, tickets must be purchased through the site.




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