Program Options


Our FUNraising program can help your organization reach a financial goal quickly and easily. The events are put on with one of our amazing Entertainers. With an entertainer to fit any crowd, FUNraising AZ will provide you a show that will engage children and adults alike!

Monthly Events


Have a large fundraising goal to reach?



Our Monthly Event option will help you reach that large goal over time. Works great if you have a small venue that would not seat a large number of patrons.


Monthly events will give you flexibilty in tailoring the message or lesson you wish to share each month or reach different members of your community with a show catered towards the crowd.

Quarterly Events


Great for Medium-Large fundraising goals.


This option helps keep your organization top of mind in your commmunity. You are out there reglarly and the shows can be customized for the time of year and to promote a special message to the community.


Use each event to announce the next project and bring your organization to the top of their minds on a regular basis.

Semi-Annual & Annual Events


Need a launching point for funraising for a smaller goal.


An annual event helps you Kick off the goal with something they will be talking about for years to come.


Works excellent for goals that need a large lump sum pulled together quickly. Fill a large venue and you have a great way to raise alot of money all at once.